Submit Your Film

Please click the following link to submit your film to this year’s Reynolda Film Festival.

Instructions to submit are as follows: 

  1. Click this link
  2. Click green “Submit Now”
  3. Create an account (Use gmail, facebook, or your own email and password)
  4. Select “I want to submit my work or get tickets to festivals”
  5. Add Your Project (Film), and fill out the pertinent information (*Only the title of your film and email are required)
  1. Scroll down and click “Save”
  2. When prompted, click “Add a digital version”
  3. Upload your film submission
  4. Return to the link select “Submit Now”
  5. Click “Add to cart and checkout”
  6. Select “Complete order” and your film will be submitted!

*You will receive an email confirming your submission. If you have any questions, please email


Submissions will be accepted from undergraduate and graduate students at Wake Forest University and the University of North Carolina School of the Arts. Submissions must be short films of 20 minutes or less.

Submissions will be reviewed as they are received by successive panels of judges comprising film students and faculty who will look for films that demonstrate professional quality and artistic ability. Entries will be narrowed down to a small number of exceptional films. Nick Schrunk, as well as two other judges, will then choose the top three films and the overall winner.